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Benefits and Uses of Safety Flooring in Schools

Children spend half of their day in schools. The building, surrounding, and flooring of the schools matters a lot to the students and over all atmosphere of the school. Many schools are moving towards carpet flooring and vinyl flooring. This is because they are less costly and installed and maintained easily.

Such flooring is easy to change too. They are more sensitive to wear and tear especially in heavy traffic areas and need to be changed after a time. Despite the cost and other aspects these floors are unhealthy and cost effecting. Especially carpets are a great stimulus for the people who are allergens of dust particles, moulds, mildew, and bacteria.

Safety flooring benefits for school children:

  • Anti-slip properties; Rubberised flooring can reduce injury to its users by minimising slips and hence falls.
  • Aesthetic appeal; Aesthetics certainly is part of the positive attributes of safety flooring." Architects who use the safe floor for playgrounds come up with designs.
  • Since some colour options are available, they can come up with designs. Designs include flowers, butterfly themes, various animal shapes like elephants, and much more
  • Hygiene assurance. Safety flooring surfaces are also comparatively much hygienic than play areas covered by sand or mud. They can be easily cleaned and wiped with mops, requiring little maintenance.
  • In the case of mud or sand pits, there always are worries of children picking up infections due to bacteria or insects. This can be avoided in case of a safe floor.

Schools are high traffic areas thus they need flooring which is durable as well as health maintaining. Safety floors are very much important for the schools and parks too. Children in the school can slip over the stairs and on the grounds while playing.

To make sure their safety the non-slip tapes are necessary to be used after installing the floors. These tapes are reasonable in price and ensure your complete safety.