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Which safety flooring is best for my property?

Whether you require flooring for public use or for a healthcare environment, we can provide safety flooring for your needs.

Safety flooring is everywhere in our day to day lives. They help to significantly reduce the risks of accidental injury from slipping or falling. It is cost effective due to its hard-wearing and stain resistant nature. This means that maintenance costs are very low, providing a long-term flooring solution, which is not only safe but also looks good.

Concrete flooring

Without any doubt, concrete floor is best for public use as it is once for all installation. It is durable and long lasting.

Unlike carpets and vinyl sheets, you do not need to change it after every short span. So it will save the money as its one-time installation and durable too, It has no harm in any aspect.

You have the ability to clean it daily with a mop to prevent dust particles; Its is also resistant to fire. Polished concrete floor weather wet or dry is smooth in surface but nonslippery.

So you can freely move around. Especially kids in the school need complete safety, and this floor can serve best.

Nothing can compete with concrete floors. They are low cost, low maintenance and durable. They are also resistant to fire, bacteria and other health hazards. Stylised and polished concrete floors are the finest option for everyone as they are suitable for all conditions.

Stone flооrіng 

If you are into classic stuff, then this type of safety flooring is for you. It's naturally elegant and effortlessly attractive.

When it comes to how long it would last, you can say that your great - grandchildren will still be able to set foot on it. It's a general type of flooring which you could place anywhere, but it would serve you best if it's installed in your living room for safety sake.

Safety Wood flooring

It's the safety flooring type that adds the most value to your home. They are also very expensive. The thing with this type of flooring is that they bring warmth, safety, and cosiness in any room. That is why they are best for living rooms as well as in bedrooms.

Safety Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is cheaper and more economic without being less attractive. For safety, The best place to install it is in kitchens and bathrooms. It is also a lot easier to install than any type of safety flooring.

Safety Vinyl Flooring

If you want something practical, economic, safety and durable then vinyl flooring is your best bet. They are cheap and very easy to install. Cleaning is also a breeze with these materials. It's not as durable as stone and wood safety flooring types, but it would definitely do you good.

There are lots of options that you could choose from. There are designs that also mimic the physical attributes of the most expensive stone and wood flooring types.

This type of safety flooring is also best for general use. So that means you could install it anywhere. But for safety purposes, we suggest not to use it in your kitchen and bathroom.